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Queue Management System


In what order would you like attended when you find others are already in?

Is first-come-first-served basis the fairest consideration?

A queue management system helps in making sure that the service provider attends to the customer who comes first without them (customer) being penalized for picking a slow queue.

When people want to do the same thing and the same time, they stand in a line. The line is generally known as a queue.

One crazy que in Kenya is during general elections. It happens once in five years but it does come. Some other scenarios where you will find yourself queueing are as follows:

Banking Halls
Saccos and Microfinance
Schools and Colleges
Bus/Train Stage
Post office and so on
Queueing for meals at a function or at school

Generally, an organized queueing process has three stages:

Stage I – Picking a receipt (Arrival Process)

Stage II – Called for the service (Service Mechanism)

Stage III – Optionally, get the next call/counter depending on the service/Institution

Stage 1

Stage 2

  • Flexible Workflow
  • Queue for food

2. Queue at the bank

3. Queue at the hospital

Stage 3

  • Call – This is the default function for inviting the next customer.
  • Hold – This function is useful when a customer is briefly unavailable. They get the service once available.
  • Drop – If a customer gives up the queue, this function is useful in removing them.
  • Skip – This function is useful whenever you want to consider serving a special customer. These customers can skip everyone else in the queue. Justice, they say, is the principle that people receive that which they deserve. Some of your clients, for a reason or another, do not deserve to make a queue.


As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Our solution seeks to help solve the shoving in the left image and have organized queues as shown on the right side.

A queue management system tries to solve the problem in the left image and map it to the solution on the right.

  • Technology should reduce the cost of running business while increasing efficiency.
  • We have innovated a cost-effective solution that will sort your queueing issues.
  • You must not spend on Kiosks or expensive hardware.


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